Find, learn and play chords, scales and progressions.

It doesn't matter if your are advanced musician, music producer or just starting to play piano. This app is all about finding and understanding chords and scales to improve your piano, music theory and songwriting skills.

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Piano Chords and Scales screenshot

Great for new musicians. I use it for learning chords and my scales and I also like learning chord progressions as well.

R. Mercer

It gives you so much when you’re stuck composing. I’m relatively new to music theory, and for me, this makes everything I’ve been learning about chords super clear.


I have taught piano for 33 years. This is the best app for any level student. It is so easy to use and kids love it when I use the iPad in their lesson.

Piano Chords and Scales screenshot

Why Piano Chords and Scales?

  • Understand how piano chords and scales work;
  • Simple, clean and interactive;
  • Audio playback for everything;
  • Get started with song composing;
  • Kickstart your music theory skills.


  • Large chord collection;
  • Large scale collection;
  • Chord progressions collection;
  • Find chords by the root and inversion, notes on staff or piano keys;
  • Find scales by the root or piano keys;
  • Song composer with chord recommendations;
  • Audio playback support for everything;
  • Piano view for chords and scales;
  • Staff view for chords and scales;
  • MIDI in and out support;
  • Interactive circle of fifths;
  • Scale fingerings for both hands.